Best Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour (2024)

It’s usually not hard to find jobs that pay $10 an hour. On job posting websites, it’s easy to filter positions by hourly wages. These types of jobs do not usually require a lot of specific knowledge. If you’re looking for a role that pays at least $10 an hour, this guide will help you identify the jobs you might be interested in applying for.

Although $10 an hour might seem like a small amount, jobs that pay this amount can be great side hustles for some additional income. Likewise, these jobs can be advantageous for those who are studying and working at the same time. Jobs that pay $10 an hour are also a good option for those who are just looking to gain experience.

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What Is a Good Hourly Wage?

A good hourly wage will depend on your age, skill level, and location, but you should be earning at least $10 an hour if you’re working in the service industry. However, keep in mind that an hourly wage of $10 is below the national average.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees that work for private businesses make an average of $31.03 per hour. Those working in the utility sector earn the highest at $45.15 per hour. Employees in the leisure and hospitality industry have the lowest average wage at $19.20 per hour.

Why Earning $10 Per Hour Is Important

Earning $10 per hour is important because it can help you out with your budget and expenses. If you are a student, you may be looking for small jobs to help you pay for tuition. This amount can also support your lifestyle in some states in the US, especially if you are still living at home.

In addition, $10 is also well above the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. However, it is worth noting that some states like Nevada, North Dakota, and New Mexico have a minimum wage of around $10 per hour.

What Types of Jobs Pay $10 Per Hour

You’ll find a list of jobs below that usually pay around $10 per hour. These jobs don’t require much experience in a particular field. Most of these positions require skills that can be learned while you’re working.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Service Worker
  • Appointment Setter
  • Tech Support Provider
  • Tutor

What Do You Need to Land a Job that Pays $10 an Hour?

In order to land a job that pays $10 an hour, you have to make sure that your resume is well written and gives a good impression to your potential employer. Resumes are a very powerful tool to help you land a job. Even if you have little paid experience, a resume is still your opportunity to prove to an employer that you’re the right one for the job.

Provide your contact information and list any special skills you have. If you have no previous work experience, you can include volunteer or extracurricular work you may have done. Try to tailor the skills and experiences on your resume to the job you’re applying for. For entry-level positions, the ability to take feedback and communicate well is important.

What Companies Pay $10 an Hour?

The companies listed below pay at least $10 as an hourly salary. These companies operate in different fields. They are usually in need of customer service representatives to deliver good service to clients.

  • Arise: This company is an outsourcing company that combines virtual technology, crowdsourcing innovation, and operational efficiency. The company provides elearning, workforce management, and contact center outsourcing solutions.
  • ABC Financial: This company provides payment and software services to businesses in the fitness industry.
  • American Express: This company is a credit card and finance company. It gives its customers access to products and insights to help them build businesses and make smart financial decisions.
  • Alorica: This company is a leading platform for customer interactions. Through their advanced data analysis and innovative technology, it is able to give clients an amazing experience.
  • Apple: This multinational company builds smartphones, personal computers, and other media devices.
  • Aspire Lifestyles: This company delivers travel and medical insurance to its clients.
  • Blue Zebra Appointment Setting: This is a virtual company that offers business-to-business (B2B) appointment setting and consultation services.
  • Contemporary VA: This company focuses on assisting its clients in growing their businesses through virtual assistance services.
  • Convergys: Convergys is a relationship management provider. It offers three types of services, namely information management, human resources management, and customer management.
  • Direct Interactions: This is a customer service call center provider.

Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour with No Experience

Best Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour (1)


  • Average hourly wage: $12
  • Average yearly salary: $25,738
  • Job growth: 6%

Janitors clean and maintain buildings. They are expected to thoroughly clean and disinfect whole buildings to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of tenants. They sweep and mop floors, clean windows, and disinfect bathrooms. They may be required to provide light maintenance work when appliances break.

Service Crew Member

  • Average hourly wage: $12
  • Average yearly salary: $25,787
  • Job growth: 17%

Service crew members serve customers in hotels, restaurants, or cruise ships. They provide customers with drinks and food and are expected to be friendly and approachable. They take customers’ orders and ensure that they are taken care of. Service crew members can work as part-time and full-time employees.

Farm Worker

  • Average hourly wage: $15
  • Average yearly salary: $30,287
  • Job growth: 2%

Farm workers take care of crops and harvest when the time is right. They also make sure that the farm is taken care of, which involves irrigating, cultivating, fertilizing, and planting crops. They may also be asked to repair farm equipment and buildings and feed animals. These workers are often employed in poultry and livestock farms.


  • Average hourly wage: $15
  • Average yearly salary: $31,121
  • Job growth: 8%

Gardeners plant and maintain the vegetation around a property. They trim trees and shrubs and clear away any debris and litter. They are also expected to check on the overall health of the plants. These hourly employees are expert users of lawnmowers and other basic gardening tools.

Mail Carrier

  • Average hourly wage: $17
  • Average yearly salary: $34,667
  • Job growth: -9%

Mail carriers are responsible for gathering and dispatching mail that’s processed by the US Postal Service. They sort out and prepare mail at the post office and work along different routes to collect and deliver letters and packages. Part of their responsibility is answering questions from customers regarding services and procedures. In exchange, these professionals earn decent wages.

Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour Online

Appointment Setter

  • Average hourly wage: $14
  • Average yearly salary: $29,734
  • Job growth: 7%

Appointment setters create schedules for sales representatives by calling leads. They share information about the company and the product. They’re there to answer any question the client has and provide them with excellent customer service. The goal of the job is to encourage the clients to schedule a phone call with the sales team.

Customer Service Associate

  • Average hourly wage: $15
  • Average yearly salary: $31,172
  • Job growth: -1%

Customer service associates help customers with any concerns or questions they have. They communicate with clients and answer calls. They might also do administrative tasks like emailing and filling out forms after a call with a client. They’re expected to attend meetings and share ideas on how to improve customer service.

Online Researcher

  • Average hourly wage: $20
  • Average yearly salary: $41,563
  • Job growth: 4%

Online researchers are hired to find information about different topics. They need to find reliable sources in order to get the details that the client is seeking. To work as an online researcher, you need a strong understanding of how search engines function as well as well-developed analytical skills to interpret the data. This position allows you to work flexible hours.

Data Entry Clerk

  • Average hourly wage: $19
  • Average yearly salary: $39,571
  • Job growth: 2%

Data entry clerks ensure that databases are maintained and updated with customer details and information. They compile, sort, and verify customer data and remove any errors. Part of their responsibility is to eliminate any duplicates and make sure that all information is private and secure.

Online Secretary

  • Average hourly wage: $23
  • Average yearly salary: $47,439
  • Job growth: -7%

Online secretaries perform administrative tasks like answering phone calls, managing the schedule, and communicating with their superiors. Other duties that they may be tasked with include writing emails and organizing documents. The average worker in this industry earns over $47,000 a year, which is close to the national average.

Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour Part-Time

Laundry Worker

  • Average hourly wage: $11
  • Average yearly salary: $22,370
  • Job growth: 12%

Laundry workers make sure that clothes are clean and the laundry machines are working. They sort clothes for washing and fold them once they’re clean. Part of their responsibility is to ensure the facilities are also clean. To be a good laundry worker, you need organizational and customer service skills.

Home Health Aide

  • Average hourly wage: $12
  • Average yearly salary: $23,936
  • Job growth: 33%

Home health aides’ main responsibility is to help people who are living independently but need assistance for daily activities. The job depends entirely on the lifestyle and needs of the client. Good traits to have as a home health aide include empathy and listening skills.

Kitchen Staff Member

  • Average hourly wage: $12
  • Average yearly salary: $24,383
  • Job growth: 23%

Kitchen staff members assist the chef inside the kitchen. They assist in meal preparation by washing, peeling, and cutting fruits and vegetables when necessary. They are also responsible for stocking the kitchen and ensuring supplies are available.

Veterinary Assistant

  • Average hourly wage: $12
  • Average yearly salary: $25,894
  • Job growth: 14%

Veterinary assistants work with veterinarians to take care of animals. They often work in a clinic, feeding and bathing the animals and playing with them so they get some exercise. Veterinary assistants also clean and sterilize kennels and surgical equipment. The job doesn’t require advanced education as they often receive on-the-job training.


  • Average hourly wage: $16
  • Average yearly salary: $32,439
  • Job growth: 19%

Hairdressers trim, color, and style hair. They should be able to identify what hairstyle or hair color is best for their clients. Some hairdressers specialize in men’s hair, while others choose to make a business offering hairstyling services for special events. Full-time workers in this industry can earn comfortable salaries.

Where to Find a Job That Pays $10 an Hour

There are a few ways to find jobs that pay $10 an hour. Below, we introduce you to the most common ones.


A referral takes place when someone that works for a company informs you of a position that has opened. With that information, you can easily apply and share your resume. The person that gave you the information can even put in a good word for you so that the employer is more likely to reach out.

Best Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour (2)

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Job Search Platforms

Job search platforms are also a handy way to find jobs. Platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn allow you to prepare your resume ahead of time and apply easily when a position opens up. Make sure your information is up to date. In most job engines, you can set up job alerts to be notified of job openings that may interest you.

Company Websites

Checking out company career pages is an efficient way of finding out which positions are available. You can find out what qualifications the company is looking for and see if you have the right skills for the position.

Is It Easy to Find a Job That Pays $10 an Hour?

Yes, it’s easy to find a job that pays $10 an hour. It’s a low wage and most of the positions don’t require a college degree, although you will probably need a well-written resume. If you have administration, organization, and communication skills, landing a job that pays around $10 an hour should be simple.

Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour FAQ

Can I get a job without a degree?

Yes, there are plenty of jobs you can get without a degree. Service and labor positions like kitchen staff, gardener, and administrative assistant are widely available, offer decent hourly rates, and don’t require many specialized skills. Usually, only a high school diploma is needed.

What’s the best job that pays $10 an hour?

Server jobs are great because you will often make more than $10 an hour after receiving tips. There are many other jobs that pay $10 an hour and the best one for you depends on your personal preferences when it comes to things like schedule and responsibilities. Unfortunately, these jobs rarely come with perks like dental benefits or retirement benefits.

Can I get a job without experience?

Yes, you can get a job without experience. For many positions, you’ll receive training on the job. Jobs that train you while you work include customer care representative, kitchen staff, and service crew member.

What skills are needed for the job?

There are some basic professional skills that you need for every job, like leadership and communication. Some jobs require you to have excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. For others that require manual work, you’ll need to be in good physical condition.

Best Jobs That Pay $10 an Hour (2024)


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