Milwaukee Zoo Ebt Discount (2024)

1. Discounted Tickets - Milwaukee County Zoo

  • Discounted Sundays: Three times per year, Milwaukee County residents receive the reduced County admission rate on select Sundays: $11.50 for adults and ...

2. Zoo Pass & Membership - Zoological Society of Milwaukee

  • Zoo Pass · Zoo Pass FAQ · Reciprocal Zoo List · Platypus Circle Membership

  • Enjoy free regular admission to the Milwaukee County Zoo with the Zoo Pass, get discounts and priority registration for classes and camps, free or discounted rates on events throughout the year, and so much more.

3. The Providers guide to EBT in Wisconsin

4. Contact - Milwaukee County Zoo

  • ... Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy. ×. Be aware of a recent "anniversary" ticket scam. tHE ZOO IS not affiliated with this. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR DISCOUNTS.

  • We’d love to answer any questions you may have!

5. Zoo Pass - Zoological Society of Milwaukee

  • Zoo Pass & Membership · Zoo Pass FAQ · Reciprocal Zoo List

  • Your Zoo Pass gives you free, regular admission to the Milwaukee County Zoo! Plus, your membership includes free or discounted admission for many Zoo and Society events.

6. 2024 free admission days at Milwaukee zoo and museums

  • Jan 5, 2024 · On Family Free Days, admission to the Milwaukee County Zoo, 10001 W. Blue Mound Road, is free for everyone, but parking and regular attraction ...

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7. FAQs - Milwaukee County Zoo

  • If I reserve a picnic area, is there a discount for the special activities? (i.e. Special Exhibits, Carousel, Train). Yes, and you can order tickets in ...

  • General Questions

8. Museums for All

  • Participating Museums · For Visitors · About · For Museums

  • Visit the post for more.

9. Ticket Prices | Milwaukee Public Museum

  • Through this program, those receiving food assistance (SNAP benefits) can gain free or reduced admission to more than 500 museums throughout the United States ...

  • Get up-to-date information on today's admission.

10. Can You Get A Zoo Membership Discount With An EBT Card?

  • Some zoos will even allow you to purchase memberships at a discount with your EBT card. Read on, so you don't miss out on all these fabulous benefits. What Is ...

  • If you have an EBT card you, could be in luck when it comes to zoos. Find out if you can get a zoo membership discount with your EBT card and where today!

Milwaukee Zoo Ebt Discount (2024)


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