The Resurgence of Leadership in Málaga's Semana Santa Brotherhoods (2023)

In a decisive shift of dynamics within the Agrupación de Cofradías, the elder siblings of Málaga's Semana Santa brotherhoods are reclaiming a significant role under the leadership of the newly elected president, José Carlos Garín. This marks a departure from the previous administration and sets the tone for the next four years.

A New Era Unveiled

The inauguration of the new governing body, headed by President José Carlos Garín, is set to take place during a solemn religious ceremony at the San Julián church, commencing at 8:00 PM. This event is a pivotal moment, symbolizing the resurgence of influence for the elder siblings in the Semana Santa brotherhoods.

While not explicitly outlined in the new statutes, President Garín took the initiative to assemble the board members a day prior to the official swearing-in. This pre-emptive meeting aimed to inform the members about the team composition, showcasing transparency and fostering a cohesive atmosphere.

The Strategic Team

The core team supporting President Garín consists of five vice presidents, each currently leading their respective brotherhoods. This strategic move ensures a deep connection with the traditions and intricacies of each brotherhood. The vice presidents will oversee various areas of work and manage the commissions, aligning with President Garín's vision for a more internally cohesive Agrupación.

  • Arturo Fernández, the first vice president and Calvario's elder sibling, will oversee the cultural and cultual aspects of the Agrupación.
  • Manuel Torres, the second vice president and elder sibling of Descendimiento, will coordinate the commissions related to the external worship and processional staging of the brotherhoods.
  • Francisco Cidfuentes, the third vice president and elder sibling of Humildad, will manage economic and administrative responsibilities.
  • Laura Berrocal and Juanjo Granados will serve as the fourth and fifth vice presidents, respectively.

Unifying Support

Notably, all five vice presidents, except Monte Calvario, supported Garín during the electoral process. Their alignment underscores a collective commitment to Garín's leadership and sets the stage for a unified approach in steering the Agrupación forward.

Empowering Commissions for Success

President Garín's focus on strengthening the internal machinery of the Agrupación is evident in the composition of the new organizational structure. The critical Sillas y Tribunas commission, a significant source of annual funding for the brotherhoods, is now led by Jesús Díaz, the elder sibling of Soledad de San Pablo.

Other key appointments include Alberto Stechini overseeing the challenging task of Horarios e Itinerarios, Rafael López Taza presiding over the Recorrido Oficial commission, and Alejandro Cerezo Ortigosa and Francisco José Muñoz Cortés managing the Culture commission.

Forward-Looking Vision

In a recent interview, President José Carlos Garín emphasized his commitment to fortifying the Agrupación's internal structure and fostering a greater sense of pride and belonging among the brotherhoods. The newly unveiled organizational chart for the upcoming four-year term aligns with these objectives.

Diverse Responsibilities

The comprehensive breakdown of responsibilities spans various commissions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the Semana Santa traditions in Málaga. From the oversight of Cultura, through managing Ingresos Extraordinarios, to overseeing San Julián and Patrimonio, each role is pivotal in contributing to the overall success and cohesion of the Agrupación.

Continuity and Expertise

Several key figures retain their roles in advisory and collaborative positions, ensuring continuity and leveraging their expertise. Notable figures such as Gonzalo León, heading the communication department, Andrés Camino, responsible for the La Saeta magazine, and Trini García-Herrera, continuing as the archivist, contribute to the institution's ongoing success.


In conclusion, the newly formed leadership under President José Carlos Garín marks a significant chapter in the history of Málaga's Semana Santa brotherhoods. The emphasis on internal cohesion, strategic team composition, and empowerment of key commissions reflects a forward-looking vision for the Agrupación de Cofradías. As the brotherhoods move into this new era, the dedication to tradition, pride, and unity is poised to elevate the Semana Santa experience in Málaga to greater heights.


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