Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Cofradías and Semana Santa Events in Sevilla, March 2022 (2023)


In the second weekend of March 2022, Sevilla comes alive with a vibrant array of religious and cultural events, marking the countdown to Semana Santa. This is a time when the city's streets are filled with devout worshippers, processions, and elaborate rituals. After two years of unique celebrations due to the pandemic, the city is eager to return to its traditional fervor. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the diverse acts and cults happening during this weekend and explore the rich heritage of the Cofradías and Semana Santa in Sevilla.

Besamanos and Besapiés: A Glimpse of Devotion

During this weekend, several iconic images are on display for devotees to admire and pay their respects. The practice of 'Besamanos' (kissing the hand of a religious statue) and 'Besapiés' (kissing the feet) is a deeply symbolic tradition in Semana Santa. Some of the revered figures that will be on display include:

  • The Virgen del Mayor Dolor and Traspaso at the Gran Poder.
  • The Cristo de la Salud and Buen Viaje at San Esteban.
  • Jesús ante Anás in the Dulce Nombre.
  • The Señor del Soberano Poder at Los Panaderos.
  • Jesús Cautivo at Santa Genoveva.
  • The Señor de la Salud of La Candelaria.
  • Jesús Nazareno at La O.
  • The Cristo de las Misericordias at Santa Cruz.
  • The Virgen de la Piedad and the Cristo de la Misericordia at El Baratillo.

These intimate moments of devotion are a central aspect of the Semana Santa experience, allowing the faithful to connect with their beliefs on a personal level.

Vía Crucis and Traslados: A Spiritual Journey

The weekend also features vía crucis (Way of the Cross) and 'traslados' (transfers) of religious images. These events are an essential part of the Semana Santa calendar, offering participants a spiritual journey through the city's streets. Notable vía crucis and traslados taking place this weekend include:

  • Señor del Poder of the Anunciación at Juan XXIII.
  • Cristo de las Misericordias at Santa Cruz.
  • Cristo de Burgos and Cristo Yacente del Santo Entierro.

These processions are not just religious events but also cultural spectacles that draw locals and visitors alike to witness the intricate, artful floats and the devotional fervor of the participants.

Equalidad and Ensayo: Preparing for the Main Event

Preparation is a crucial aspect of Semana Santa, and this weekend is no exception. Many hermandades and cofradías are busy with 'igualás' (fittings and rehearsals). These are essential practices that ensure the smooth execution of processions. If you are interested in the schedule for this month, you can find it [here](link to the schedule).

A Full Calendar: Semana Santa in Sevilla

The above-mentioned events are just a glimpse of what's happening during this second weekend of March 2022 in Sevilla. Semana Santa is a time when the city truly comes alive with a unique blend of religious devotion, artistic expression, and cultural richness. If you want to explore all the acts and cults, you can find the full calendar [here](link to the full calendar).


In conclusion, the second weekend of March in Sevilla is a precursor to the grand spectacle of Semana Santa. It is a time when the city's religious traditions and cultural heritage take center stage. The 'Besamanos,' 'Besapiés,' vía crucis, and traslados provide a unique opportunity to witness the depth of faith and devotion that defines Semana Santa in Sevilla. As the city prepares for the main event, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation and excitement, making this weekend an unmissable experience for both locals and tourists.


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